The team visit The Story Museum’s new Brilli-ANT exhibition!

The Story Museum is a museum located in the heart of Oxford, celebrating the power of stories to teach and delight. 

Supported by Horus since 2021, the gallery and activity spaces encourage adults and children alike to lose themselves in their imagination, with the magic of live storytelling. The museum stages imaginative exhibitions and exciting programmes of performances, events, workshops, clubs and skill-building courses, to engage people of all ages in great stories. 

Last month the Story Museum launched their new exhibition “Briili-ANT”. “Brilli-ANT” is an immersive exhibition that takes you inside the world of an anthill to find out what happened next after Aesop’s Fable of the Ant and the Grasshopper. Whilst the Grasshopper sang his songs, the ants stored up their supplies for winter but now climate change is threatening their ordered world. 

“Put your ant-ennae and explore a cardboard-sculpted land where you’ll find some other helpful insects along the way. Through storytelling, games and creative provocations, you’ll find out how even the smallest changes can really help to save the world and tell a new story climate change.”

The team recently had the pleasure of visiting the local museum to find out more about the exhibition and take a tour. 

You can find out more about the work The Story Museum do here